Browser Support

We officially support the latest version of:

We partially support the latest versions of:

Note: Partial support means that the browser can be used, but we cannot guarantee a seamless experience

We do not support:

Device Support

We officially support desktop and laptop devices at this time. Mobile is not currently supported.

The minimum screen size supported for live events is 1024 x 720

Although there may be support for some tablets or notebooks, our team cannot promise reliability outside our officially supported platforms. We are actively looking at ways to expand compatibility to the full range of devices and browsers.

Other System Requirements

8GB of RAM

If you have a computer that has less memory or are unsure, we recommend closing other applications and browser tabs before entering the event.

WebGL Support

This ensures that you're able to see the 3D venue. See How Do I Enable WebGL?

Tip: Use our compatibility checker to check your system capabilities
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