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Why Gamerjibe?

Gamerjibe is a unique virtual events platform that aims to make it easy to host and attend dynamic social events that are engaging and fun. We're influenced by the trends of online gaming and Gen-Z's appetite for digital experiences to provide a solution that's affordable and effective at connecting with online audiences.

Our platform caters well to events of all sizes that require a social element or activity such as live networking and exhibitions. We also work with you to ensure your sponsors are happy through creative activations within one of our available venues.

If you're interested in trying an event or want to learn more about how to increase your reach and revenue, we'd love to assist! Please set up a time to meet us through our Sales Team Calendly.

What events have you run so far?

We've hosted a variety of events in 2020 ranging from small networking events to larger conferences and expos. Recent event organizers that have worked with us include University of Hawaii, U.S. Marines, and Founder Institute.

How can I see a demo?

We'll be happy to give you a tour! If you're an event organizer and would like to see a demo, please set up a call with us at Sales Team Calendly.

You can also check out some screenshots of past events posted at the bottom of this page.

Can I see some pics of past events?

Absolutely! Below are a couple of screenshots of selected past events:

Sponsor Booth With Slides

Themed Bar With Holdable Drink

Dancing Icebreaker On Stage

Fishing Icebreaker On Patio

Table Top Discussion

Booth Discussion

Speaker Panel

*To learn more about how Gamerjibe can help you and your events, please get in touch at Thank you!
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