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Let's get your booth ready!

Creating a virtual booth is easy, and there's no clean up when the event is over! Click here to get started and follow these steps:

Log in to Gamerjibe

Log in using your LinkedIn, Discord, Google, or Facebook account.

Create your organization

Fill out your organization profile, upload a logo, and pick out a couple of colors to brand your booth.

Upload media

Let attendees know who you are with an introductory video and/or some slides. Use the preview to make sure everything is looking great!

Add links and contact info

Share your website, social media links, and contact information to make it easy to connect and stay in touch with everyone you meet.

Notify the event organizer

Once you're done editing, please notify the event organizer, or fernandalee@gamerjibe.com, and they'll add your booth to the appropriate event(s).

That's it!

Our current file size limits are 5MB for images and 50MB for videos. We also recommend videos be in MP4 format.
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