How do I register and attend an event?

Go to the Event Landing Page

If the event organiser has not provided you with a URL, you can find it at

Event Landing Page

Log in using one of the 3rd party options like Google or Discord

Login Modal

Register for the event by clicking on the "Register for Event" button.

Registration Button

Registration Form

After registering, you'll receive a confirmation email with a calendar invite.

Enter by clicking the "Enter Event" button.

Enter Event

If the event is private, you'll be asked to provide an access code.

Contact the event organiser for an access code

Access Code Input

If you see a compatibility warning, read I've Failed The Compatibility Check


Can't find your event? You can find all of our existing events Here

I see a warning that I need an access code to enter an event. How do I get this code?

If you encounter a warning that you need an access code, that means the event has been set to be private. If you don't have the code, please get in touch with the event's organizer.

On the other hand if you're an organizer needing a new code, please reach out to your account representative, and we'll generate a code for you.
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